Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings can be romantic and beautiful. When planning an outdoor wedding there are several details that need to be thought through.

Take into consideration the time of year and what type of weather is to be expected.  Renting a tent will work in providing cover in case of rain or shelter to shade from the hot sun.

Have a backup plan, just in case the weather is too extreme.  Even if you are providing a tent the ground underneath can be soaked if there is a heavy rainfall leaving you and your guest with wet and soggy feet.

The natural beauty surrounding your location may be enough decoration but you might to add several potted plants and other decorative items.  An archway or trellis beautifully decorated would be a beautiful addition to focus on the actual ceremony.  Consider adding twinkling lights as the sun sets to add to the romance of the day and provide romantic lighting in the evening.

Plan for wind and avoid light fabrics like chiffon and silks in your dress and the bridesmaid dresses.  Tell your hairstylist that your wedding will be outdoors so that a suitable style can be designed  in case of windy conditions.  Also if you are adding additional decorations to your ceremonial site be sure that they are securely in place to avoid items blowing away.

Will you guests be able to hear?  If your location is close to areas that is louder than normal or you have a large crowd attending your wedding you might want to consider a sound system for the bride and groom and officiant.  Consult with your DJ or Band as they may be able to provide you with this service or consider renting a sound system.

Meal planning for an outdoor wedding takes special planning in order to provide a tasty and safe meal for your guests.  Refrigeration and heating facilities is very important in meal planning.  Consultation with you caterer is a must when planning menus in the heat.

Make sure you ask if special permits are necessary when holding an outdoor wedding in City Parks or other locations. Be sure to check to see if the local amenities will be available, if not you will have to provide portable washrooms facilities. Will you be able to serve alcohol at your location?  Will running water and hydro be available?  Ask about prearrangements before and after the ceremony so you know well in advance what to expect.