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Music is a wonderful way to personalize your wedding day.

The Ceremony

seating of your guests

Seating of Parents
consists of a special song either sung by a sololist or special music

 A song/music for the bridesmaids and bride to walk down the aisle.

Song for the Bride and Groom
Selections sung right after the vows have been made

Music played as the Bridal Party exits after the ceremony.

Music played as the guests exits





Things to consider before Hiring the Musician's

  • choose a theme or feeling for the ceremony

  • what type of atmosphere to you want for your ceremony?

  • do you want vocals or instrumental music or a combination?

  • do you want live music or track music?

  • which special songs do you want to include in the ceremony?

  • do you need an organist or pianist or both?

  • how much can you afford?

Hiring a Musician

Of course you have the final decision about your music, but a musician and/or vocalist can help you make that selection.

Before hiring check the musicians references and make sure to hear them in person.

Hire a musician a few month ahead of time - sooner if your getting married during the busy season.  Giving enough time will allow your musician to make himself/herself familiar with your selections.

Planning Ahead

Give the musician a script of the ceremony so they will know where they are playing during the service.  Ask the musician to attend the rehearsal is a good idea.

Check out the sound system, is the piano tuned?

Put your expectations in writing.  A written agreement is a good idea to confirm with the musician your expectations.

Usually you pay the musician on the day he or she plays or sings.   A suggestion is to give the cheque to the head usher and ask him to pay the musician in person immediately after the service.

Reception Music

Live Music or DJ?

Both offer a wide choice of music and can tailor the music to your taste.


Let's Celebrate!


As the same as hiring your Ceremony Musicians you should follow the same steps before Hiring your Reception Music.

Things to Consider before Hiring
What mood do you want?
Do you want live or recorded music?
Do you have special songs you want to hear?
How long do you want the music to play?
What time should it start?
What type of music do you want played?
How much can you afford to spend?