Some tips for you and your bridesmaids when selecting your accessories:

  • Unless you are purchasing your bridesmaids accessories, keave it up to the Bridesmaids, let them choose their own style especially if they will all be wearing the same bridesmaidís dress. 

  • Of course you can give them guidelines, for example let them know what type of jewellery you'll be wearing Ė such as, pearls, crystal accessories, etc. 

  • Other examples let them know what you want. example let them know that you would like a necklace and earrings but no bracelets are to be worn. 


    Also the type of jewellery worn will depend on the style of dress, necklines etc.

    Organize an Accessory Party, enjoy a fun evening with your bridal party and either go out to a jewellery store or have a home party and have the girls select their own pieces that they could wear on the wedding day and after. Arrange with the jeweler the type of accessories that you would like them to wear and let them select an assortment of jewellery that would compliment each other then let your bridesmaid select from the assortment.

    Also Jewellery makes great Bridal Party Gifts!

Wedding Rings

With this ring I thee wed......


 Wedding bands, wedding rings, and bridal jewelry sets are not only pieces of jewelry, but also significant symbols of love and commitment. When choosing wedding bands and other bridal jewelry for yourself or your loved one,  look at many different types and styles.


 Find wedding bands and rings that you will cherish forever because the rings are not only a fashion statement,  but also a message of love and a promise that should be kept for a lifetime.


On your wedding day.....

If your wearing gloves, check to see if the ring will fit over the glove.

If not, an alternative would be to remove your gloves after the processional

and hand both gloves and bouquet to your attendant.


What to do with the engagement ring during the wedding?

Leave the engagement ring on your left hand, as soon as the ceremony is over slip the rings off
and rearrange them or wear your engagement ring on your right hand.



    Donít Forget...

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.