Diet & Exercise

Planning ahead for the big day brings excitement and joy, but for most couples it also brings some anxiety. Couples want to look and feel their best and as is with all the details of their wedding this too takes forethought and planning.

Almost every bride wants to lose some weight or trim down in a particular area for her wedding day. Experts steadfastly recommend that no crash diets be undertaken, however. Not only can they play havoc with dress fittings, but they can also result in fatigue, dizziness and even nausea - all undesirable (as well as unpredictable!) the day of the wedding.

Controlled weight loss can be accomplished through a combination of calorie reduction and exercise. The best place to start is with a physician. Once you have talked to your doctor you can begin to consider the countless choices available. Many weight loss programs provide sensible menu plans along with, exercise, encouragement, information and counseling. Nutritionists and exercise professionals can also be helpful. Today, options for exercise include a variety of great fitness centers, health clubs, gyms, specialized yoga, martial arts, aerobic and dance classes, not to mention local parks or even your own home. Without a doubt the most successful diets and exercise plans are started months in advance and can lead to healthy habits for a lifetime.

Feeling Healthy
A headache, neck ache, or backache can leave you feeling tired and worn down. Today many men and women are turning to chiropractic care to relieve these common though irritating conditions. Massages have also gained popularity as more people look to relieve their daily tensions and stress. Day spas have opened their doors to provide a haven from the cares of the world. These one-stop relaxation spots may offer services including spa treatments, facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and more. Day spas are not only popular for brides, they also provide a great way for her attendants to get together, relax and be pampered for a fun shower or pre-wedding treat!

A Sparkling Smile!
Today more than ever, we see numerous commercials and products geared at whiter teeth. Many dental professionals are now specializing in satisfying this market with special treatments aimed at whitening and brightening smiles. Along with whiter teeth, they are also providing ways to straighten and perform aesthetic services without the traditional unsightly braces or surgery.