Some brides prefer to do their own hair and wear it naturally. Others like to have something special done. If you are having it done by a professional, make an appointment in advance and try the style with your headpiece at that time.


You may choose to do your own make-up or hire a professional make-up artist to do yourself or the entire wedding party. If you do your own make-up, apply enough so that you have colour and donít look washed out; but do not overdo it. Ideally, your make-up should look natural.

Some tips for better photographs:

Use a foundation close to your natural colour.

Avoid shiny skin by applying powder lightly with a brush to neck and face.

Line your eyes with a brown pencil.

Do not use frosted liner or eye shadow.

Use brown or black mascara.

Apply a blush which complements your skin tone on your cheekbones and blend upwards.

Line your lips with a pencil, apply a pastel lipstick, add a touch of gloss on the lower lip