When deciding on a caterer, first determine what your needs are. Select at least 3 caterers to interview to find one that you are comfortable with.

Before the interview several decision must be made:

What type of service will you have such as a buffet, seated service, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres only, teas, breakfast, brunch and lunch. Find out in advance if the caterer can provide special meals for any of your guests with special needs.

Set a budget and know approximately how many people you are inviting.

Questions to ask when interview a potential caterer:

  1. what services do they provide other than food preparation
  2. Discuss menu selections and cost per person and gratuities. Is there a minimum?
  3. Do they supply linens, glasses, plates and silverware? Is there additional costs for supplying?
  4. What colour selection to they have?
  5. Which is the most economical way if rental equipment is required. (tables, chairs, etc.)
  6. How much time is needed to set up?
  7. Who will handle the clean up and rental returns?
  8. Who will personally handle and attend the reception?
  9. Do they provide a wedding cake?
  10. Who provides liquor/wine? If so what are the costs involved?
  11. What costs are involved if we bring our own wine?
  12. Deposit amount and cancellation policy.
  13. Will you provide for the photographer, DJs etc.
  14. As for references, look at photographs (if provided) for presentation.
  15. Sample their food before signing the contract.