Banquet Facilities




Scheduling and Time
Find out how many weddings are running before, during or after your reception, also how much time you are allotted before and after. You will need a minimum of two hours to set up, so if there is a lunch scheduled before your dinner reception, make sure you have enough time. Also you need to find out if there are any additional fees for going over the time allotted.

Once you decide how many people will be attending your wedding, you will need to select a location that can fit all your requirements. Dinner, dancing, cake cutting area, etc.

Catering: Check to see if there is an in-house caterer or if you are allowed to bring in your own caterer and be sure there is the proper equipment available to them. Check to see if there is a preferred caterer for the location that you are considering.

Decorating: Find out if there are any restrictions when decorating the location.

Special Requests: find out if the location policy in bringing in special items such as specialty wines, cakes.

Insurance: Check to make sure your location carries insurance.

Deposits: Find out what amount you will need for a deposit and whether it will be returned to you in cas of cancellation.

Staff: Find out who will be on duty to supervise the reception.

Cleanliness: Check the location over for cleanliness.

Contract: - Make sure all items that you discussed are included in the final contract. Be sure to read it over carefully.