If jewelry is worn, it is best to keep it simple. You may want to wear a single pendant or strand of pearls if the neckline is open. Pearl or diamond earrings add a nice touch if your ears show. If you donít have this type of jewelry, it can be your something borrowed.


 A pretty lacy garter could be your something blue. There are some beautiful hand detailed garters available, so pretty you will hate to toss it away. Buy one to keep and one to toss.

Hankies or Bibles

A nice touch of sentiment may be to carry an antique lace hanky or a family prayer book. This is something old. It could be something your mother carried down the aisle.

Guest Book

A guest book is fun to look through in the years to come. You may want to gather the same friends for a reaffirmation or 25th wedding anniversary. There is a wide variety of styles and colours in guest books. You may want to add your own touches of lace or accent one with ribbon in your wedding colours.